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where will I get ctgstats.jar and ctgclient.jar?

Question asked by siddhartha121 on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by walter_kacynski
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I have installed CA APM and now i want monitor the Oracle web Logic Application server. I have gone through the installation pdf's thoroughly and it seems that every installation procedure and configurations as prescribed in the CA wily documents in done correctly by me. But the problem is arising when I am trieng to run the 'PPrunGlobalStats.bat' batch file. this is the file where the class paths for the CTG servers and the class path for Introscope agents are given. In this file the path requires two jar files namely ctgstats.jar and ctgclient.jar and I cannot find these two jar files any where in the software. what is the use of these two files and where can I find these? .. need assistance .. plz do reply if any one can help...