CA APM Community Town Hall Tomorrow! Don't miss it!

Discussion created by MaryGreening on May 15, 2013
Hello Community!

Tomorrow is the big Town Hall Meeting. This free form conversation between APM Community Members, APM Board Members and the APM Product Team will be be as interactive as you make it.

We will have topics to discuss, polls to take, and a forum where every community member has the opportunity to ask questions. If you dial into the audio you will be able to ask questions that way. You will also be able to make use of the Q & A function in WebEx.

Here are some of the questions that have been submitted so far:

1. Realistic license policy for Wily product.
The product do not has specific license policy. As I know, 2 cores = 1 CPU is all of the license policy however since morden H/W trend has moved into multi-thread CPU, it will cause lots of costs and burden to customer. So I would like to know whether CA has plan to establish more specific license policy. For your reference, IBM provides sub-capacity license policy for virtualized machines and provides PVU basis license  because of difference capacity of CPUs.
2. Cloud basis service especially for Wily Introscope
It will be very hepful if CA can provide Cloud service for Wily Introscope. I think I will be the mutual beneficial strategy for CA and Customer also.
3. How is CA going to bring agility into the product release cycle? Are we going to see more of a scrum methodology in release cycles?  

If you have a question or topic you would like covered, you can either email it to the APM Board today at or you can reply to this post with a question. You can also bring it up during the Town Hall.

We would really like to have a lively discussion! Try to make it.


Mary Greening