May 2013 - Webcast Replay - APM Town Hall Meeting

Discussion created by MaryGreening on May 16, 2013
Here are the webcast recording details for the CA Wily/APM Global User Community Town Hall Meeting Webcast on May 16, 2013.


The May webcast was an APM Town Hall meeting. The APM Board of Directors took questions, comments and ideas from the community. The APM product team was on hand to answer questions. It was a very lively discussion. A big thank you to the community members who submitted and asked questions during the webcast. Community participation helped make this an informative and successful event.

We took 2 polls during the webcast.

Poll 1: The community voted on the Overview the APM Best Practices, leading to an APM Service Bureau topic for July's webcast.

Poll 2: The community voted Quarterly to the question: How often would you like Product Management to present?

We held a raffle for a $100 Amazon Gift Card and Jen Kasprzak won. Congratulations to Jen!

Here is the link for the webex replay. Note: The webex replay is subject expire at some point.[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=3] [size][font]

Here is the link for the YouTube version of the replay.