CA DataMinder Tuesday Tip: New Administration Features in iConsole

Discussion created by devan05 Employee on May 21, 2013
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CA DLP (DataMinder) Introducing new User Administration Features for the r14.5 DataMinder iConsole. posted by Andrew Devine Snr. support Engineer 21 May 2013

The CA DataMinder r14.5 iConsole web interface has introduced User Administration. You can now use the iConsole to update account details for CA DataMinder users. For example, you can assign users to a new role or change their security model. You can also create new user accounts.

Note: You can only manage CA DataMinder user accounts in the iConsole if you have the 'Admin: Manage iConsole' administrative privilege.

To manage user accounts

1. Log on to the iConsole using a CA DataMinder account with the 'Admin: Manage iConsole' privilege.
2. Go to the Administration tab and click Users.
3. Search for the users you want. You can search by user name or group. You can also search for users with a specific role.
a. Enter the user, group, and role details. You do not need to enter the full name of the user or group.
b. Click Search.

The search results show all matching user accounts.

Note: Double-click a user to view their email addresses and group history.

4. Select the check box for each user account that you want to edit.
5. Update the account details for the selected users. For example, you can:

[*]Move these users into a new group.
[*]Delete these user accounts.
[*]Set the security model for these users.
[*]Set the user role.
[*]Set the exemption status. For example, you can exempt users from policy.

For more information on this topic please refer to the r14.5 iConsole User Guide (DLP_iConsole_ENU.pdf) which is available from the CA DataMinder r14.5 Bookshelfwhich can be downloaded from the CA Support Portal(