CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: Investment Status Indicator - Avoid Duplicate IDs

Discussion created by Connie_Fu on Jun 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2013 by navzjoshi00
[size=5] Currently it is possible to create values with duplicate IDs on the Investment Status Indicator lookup, which causes errors when the lookup is used in the application

There are 3 existing values: Red, Yellow and Green on the lookup: Administration > Studio > Lookups > Investment Status Indicator . The ID for these values are 3 for Red, 2 for Yellow, and 1 for Green. You can click New to add a new value with say, Blue for name, number 3 for ID, click Save. This step should result in an error stating the ID must be unique since both Blue and Red now have the ID of 3, however the application allow the new value Blue to be created without any error.

The duplication of IDs has been kwown to cause the following issues:

CLRT-71113 If the Status Indicator is audited and the project status indicator field is changed to or from a value that contains the ID of 1, 2 or 3, a system error is thrown.

CLRT-72151 If you set the Status Indicator of a project and add this project to the hierarchy of another investment while Status Indicator field is configured on the hierarchy tab, an error is thrown as "SER-0104: The hierarchy was not be retrieved"

These issues have been found on v12 and v13 including 13.2; at this time make sure that new values added to the lookup do not use 1, 2 or 3 for ID[size]