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Creating of Project Cost Plan Details portlet problems

Question asked by roxor on Jun 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2013 by another_martink
Dear all,

I need to create portlet as much similar to Project Cost Plan Details as possible (see attached screenshot). This will be placed under Project tab, when project will be closed, so it will be like picture of historical data.

First of all I tried to create portlet based on Cost Plan Details object. I set Insatnce Type: Project, but when I add it under Project Tab, portlet was showing data probably for all projects in the system not only for that particular project.

So I will try to make it as custom portlet. But here I'm thinking about possible issues. For example: Actuals - when I will read actuals from time slice tables isn't it the problem if I want to show actuals for closed project, so it will be like historical data and time slice tables will be constatnly updated, so by the time they will not contain old data?

So I have 2 questions
1. What can be done better in portlet based on object Cost Plan Details, when it shows data for all projects, no matter that I used instance type Project?
2. In case I need custom portlet, how can I show time varying data in way, taht will be not dependent on runnig time slice job and slice tables which range is changing by the time?