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Displaying Report Parameters in report output

Question asked by BeckyHilton on Jun 10, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2013 by eVBI
When our customers run reports they want to know what report parameter were used, what the values were and when it was run. I know how to have the parameters displayed in the webi report but it usually just shows up the id (5 million number) and I want it to have the parameter value.

Basically it would look something like:

Report Name: Becky's Report
Date Run: 6/10/2013 12:34 PM EST
Project Name: Becky's Awesome Project
Project Manager: Becky
Project Phase: Concept

Any thoughts on how I can do this? I've trying playing around with creating another universe having both in my webi reports but then I was getting double parameters coming through.