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Calling IDMSTBLU to (re)build a user-owned index

Question asked by Kay.Rozeboom on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by tommy.petersen
We are looking at converting some chained sets to user-owned indexes in order to take advantage of the new MPGI set feature in R18.5. The sets are currently ordered in various ways (first, next, or last). We want to keep them that way, and the order matters to the application logic.

To convert these sets to user-owned indexes, and to rebuild the indexes later, require a user-written program that calls IDMSTBLU to create input for the "maintain index" utility. I have looked at the sample program in the CA-supplied "VLDB Scenario", and a couple of versions of generic programs that rebuild user-owned indexes. These program all sweep the member record area, and call IDMSTBLU for each member found. It seems to me that this would cause the existing set order to be lost. Can someone verify this for me? Is there something magical in IDMSTBLU that will maintain the existing set order, or will we need to modify these programs to do something other than an area sweep of the member record area?

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