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PAM 4.1 / SDM 12.6 - Service Desk Connectors Beginner Help Needed

Question asked by Stuart_ on Jul 2, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2013 by crandall
Hi I am wanting some help to get me started with PAM 4.1 for workflows and CA Service Desk Manager 12.6. The documentation I have found relates to the PAM 3.1 Service Desk connectors, not 4.1.

I created a basic Start Request Form, that has a tag for a Change Order category chgcat. Then associated this with a simple process, that logs a comment in the Change Order ticket when run.

Using the Service Desk connector operator 'Log Change Order Comments' for example, the ServiceDesk Basic Parameters setting, lets you specify the Change Order number, on which the comment will appear in the Activity Log. I can get this to work by entering a valid Change Order number. But what I want to know is how can I get this process to obtain the Change Order number of the ticket it is initiated from, and dynamically log the comment in that ticket, rather than having to enter a specific Change Order number.

Looking at the Simple Change Management Process I got from downloading the ITIL pack, it has what appears to be a Select Object operator, that sets the ServiceDesk Object Type as Change Order, has the Where Clause 'persistent_id=" + persid + "'" and selects 1 row then the fields id, chg_ref_num etc. I tried to copy in my simple process and on the 'Log Change Order Comments' entered the value 'Process.CO_Number' in the Change Order Number ServiceDesk Paramters field, but it didn't work.

Can anyone out there, point out the process to automatically get the reference number of the ticket, the Start Request Form is initiated from so I can pass this value to various operators?