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Transaction trace for a HTTP NIO based Java application

Question asked by dpratap on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2013 by venvi05

We have a Java web service application which is based on HTTP NIO. This service basically invokes multiple downstream webservices WS1, WS2, etc and formulates a response based on the response from those webservices,

1. Now as we know NIO is different to the conventional "one-thread per client" model and the processing for one single client call is done by multiple threads, we are having difficulty setting up the transaction trace.
2. Also since there is no one particular java method which spans the whole life span of the web service call (As there are callbacks defined), we are not able to get the actual metrics which tells us how much time the web service call is taking. Is there any way around this?

Can you guys give me some pointers/information how I can trace a single transaction going through multiple threads in my case?
Please let me know if I don't make much sense here.