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Clarity V13.2 Custom Object TVS Scroll Issue

Question asked by info_tel on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2013 by info_tel

We are planning to migrate to Clarity V13.2 version and have done the upgrade in one of your test servers.

We noticed that in v13.2 version the custom TSV field created on a custom object/sub-object and placed on the list view does not let us scroll to the new year.
No matter how many times we click on the ‘Next Periods’ button, nothing happens on the screen. I don’t face this issue when I do the TSV scroll in Cost Plan details OOTB financial object.:huh:

We tried the custom object TSV scroll in the V13.1 version and it works just fine.:glare:

Has anyone faced similar issue? Is there any specific setting that I need to set for the scroll option to work? Any pointers on this would be great.

PS: I have tried to delete the virtual field on the List view and recreate it; changed the period type form monthly to Yearly/Quarterly/Weekly, but still doesn’t scroll.
For the time being, I’m just updating the Time Scale Start period to view date from the period that I require.