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Upate Error - when try to upload a report

Question asked by occlarity on Aug 7, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2013 by occlarity
Release: Clarity generic_009 002

Trying to upload a report back to the server and get an error after updated the report with financial section added to it.

1. Open Crystal Report on the Reporter server
2. Select the report D:\report_files\storyboardreport_V2.rpt
3. go to Database -- set datasource location - highlight the current data source (ClarityQA)
4. from the bottom pane, select Create new connection -- ODBC (RDO)
5. select the database in both the upper and lower pane and click update
6. repeat for the subreports node int ehte upper pane
7. uploading the report -- log into CMC
8. Naviage to - folder -- CA Reports -- CA Clarity -- OC Reports -- click on the object tab
9. click new object - then browse to the report that need uploading
10. destination -- OC Reports
11. Submit
12. An error message come back with -- Update Error There was an error while writing data back to the server: failed to commit object to server: Duplicate object name in the same folder