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Add Virtual fields to subpages

Question asked by CindyK on Aug 9, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by CindyK
I have a requirement to create new subpages on the project object and to create a summary section at the top of each subpage. These subpages will be a checklist - summary section (with these virtual fields - already populated elsewhere) and then additional items to complete and checkoff for each gate. This summary secution will include data that is populated from other subpages within the project. For instance, we have an attribute for project size that is completed on the properties - main general information page. We want to display the results of this field (view only) on several pages along with project ID, risk indicator (from risk subpage), etc. As staff review information on the new subpage the summary information that will be prepoluated will be helpful vs. looking elsewhere to see this data.

I couldn't see how to create a virtual field. Would I need to create a new attribute of some type?

Your help is greatly appreciated!