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Wily  CEM integration with CA Service Desk

Question asked by roy_nishika on Aug 28, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by Hiko_Davis
Hi everyone,

I want to integrate CA CEM with CA Service Desk .I configured and activated plugins for Unicenter Service Desk in CEM.In CA provided standard document, I saw the configuration procedure of integration and followed that .

The following are my configurations:-

Enable Unicenter Service Desk Plug-in: checked

CEM Information

Externally Resolvable Hostname: MOM's ip address
Port: 8081

Unicenter Service Desk Information

Hostname: Hostname of Service desk System
Port: 8080
User Name: username with which I login CA Service Desk
Password: password associated with this username
Create ITIL Incidents in Service Desk: checked
Request Area: Applications
Request Filter: */*

The incidents are generated in CEM but I am not able to see these incidents in CA Service Desk.Maybe these incidents are not triggered to Service Desk.

Anyone kindly correct me if I have mistaken or have to add something else in CEM side or Service side.

Thank you.