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XOG using webservice

Question asked by tatianaobrien on Sep 3, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2013 by tatianaobrien
hello forum members,
i am working on .NET integration to Clarity and i came up on a strange problem. I am updating a custom object instance using a webservice http://servername/niku/wsdl/Object/CustomObjectInstances?tenantId=clarity. it worked fine on dev server, then i moved on to QA server and i started getting errors while trying to xog in an object. the strange part of this, is that if i use Clarity xog client, it works fine. but i try using an application like XMLSpear for testing or use my .NET code that calls that webservice, i get odf.objectIllegalUpdate error. My question is: if the xml part was incorrect, then Clarity xog client, would also give me an error. So if my code and xml part is correct, why Clarity xog client works and not the other clients? Any suggestions are appreciated.