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Invoke Java Operator

Question asked by davethecoder on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by Tom_Kouhsari
Hi all, I am trying to play around with the Invoke Java Operator and am so far unable to get anything going. I just want to execute some Inline “Hello World” level code with no dependencies (such as external .jars / .class files). Is this even possible … perhaps I am missing something and you declare your methods etc in an external file and call them in the inline editor (?) I am really sorry to always have to say that the PAM documentation never really gets into any detail that is required.

The only definitive thing I can state is that I am receiving the error => “Problem in retrieving field externalOpJarsExpression. The interpreted datatype of the value in externalOpJarsExpression does not match the destination datatype.” I get this error no matter what changes I make in the simple code I try (in the editor) or changes I make to the operators “switches”.

Any help would be great.