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Posted time not found in WIP

Question asked by paritosh.hebbal on Sep 12, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2013 by Connie_Fu
I understand that this is one of the most popular issues faced by Clarity users.

As goes the well-known solution for this, we implemented a 'Posted time not in WIP' portlet in our environment. A process is created which checks periodically if this portlet contains any records. If it does, an email notification is sent to admins with a link to this portlet.

Is there any way we can automate this such that a process runs to ensure that all the underlying Resources and Project Tasks are made financially active before the Post transactions to financials and Post to WIP runs?

Could there be a better workaround for this than just sending admins a link to the portlet?

I have thought of trying this (just an idea, not implemented yet):

A process could be created in such a way that, when time posted by a resource is ‘Approved’, his Status is made ‘Active’ and Financial Status -‘Open’. These financial properties could be locked so no one can revert them till all the jobs are run. The same should be done for the Projects that the Resource is associated with. The Post Timesheet job runs after this process completes. Next, let the Post transactions to Financials and Post-to-WIP jobs run as scheduled.

Could this possibly eliminate the mis-match, since we are ensuring that the Project and Resource’s status and financial status are being corrected at an early stage?