The Booking Manager Role

Discussion created by Jim_Fuhring on Sep 12, 2013
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I work in an IT organization that uses Clarity v12.1.1 and we are about to move to v13.2. We have piloted a resource requisition process with out of the box functionality provided by the application. There is a need for a booking manager role to basically find people to fill a role for a project.

There are two scenarios we have:
1) The PM requests a named resource....this request goes to the resource manager and they book the resource to the project.
2) The PM requests a role....we don't have ownership of roles...i.e. one person does not own all the Business Analysts. Thus, there is no booking manager by role.
3) We have identified the need for a booking manager to go through all the requisitions and basically find people to staff the request

QUESTION: For an organization of about 1000 people, how many booking managers do you think we would need? I'm thinking at least 2 for the whole organization.

NOTE: We currently don't use time cards or determine true utilization but that is on our roadmap for 2014. I foresee a need for a booking manager to own the utilization metrics.

I value all your comments. I'm interested in how others use the booking manager role.