Early Notification: Defects targeted for next Clarity Release

Discussion created by Stephanie_Dumbrill Employee on Sep 12, 2013
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Dear Customers,

In an effort to keep you better informed on when we are targeting certain defects to be fixed, we have implemented a new communication process via our Customer Cases.

Open cases that are linked to defects, targeted to be included in our next Clarity release (Chillingham in this example), will be updated with a note stating our intent to target the defect for the release. We want to provide this information to you so you can better plan your upgrades to the latest version. As a reminder, no fix is guaranteed until it has been through the QA process and is released in the GA Product.

As our first rollout of this new communication, many of you will receive the following message added to your case.

The defect referenced in this case is targeted to be included in the Chillingham release, scheduled for release at the end of the calendar year. As with all fixes that are targeted for a release, final inclusion in that release is dependent on the final QA testing and sign-off. If this defect does not pass that testing and will not be part of the Chillingham release, we will notify you at that time. Our intent is to deliver a fix for this defect in that release. We will be closing this case at this time unless you would like to keep it open until the version is released. The case being open has no impact on whether or not the defect is resolved.

Please note that if the defect linked to the case is also targeted for an upcoming patch, you will still receive this message. The defects that we fix in patches are added to the upcoming release to ensure you have a good upgrade path and enjoy the benefits of the fix in the latest version.

We hope this helps to keep you informed and helps with your planning.

Kindest Regards,

Stephanie Dumbrill
Sr. Director, Software Engineering