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Report Library Performance Issue

Question asked by PrabhuRVP on Sep 16, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2013 by Suman Pramanik
Hi All,

Please can you assist me in solving the below performance issue,

We are using Crystal Reports for custom reports and using BO we are mapping it to Clarity report library.

All the custom reports are schedule in daily basis.

While exporting any report from report library , it is taking long time to export. It is taking more than 5 mins to export to excel for single user.

While using the export to excel option in Crystal Report developer , it is taking 68 secs but while exporting the same in Clarity report library it is taking 333 secs.

Clarity Version: 06 0020
Crystal Reports Version : 2008
BO Version : XI 3.1

Many thanks in advance.


Prabhu R P