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Ms Project Interface for v13.2 changelog and compatibility

Question asked by DaniPerez on Sep 17, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2013 by DaniPerez
I would like to be aware of changes between different versions of the MSP interface, specifically between those for v13.1 and 13.2

As per below CA information and after don't see any text saying that a v13.2 requires a different MSP interface than v13.1, I understand that v13.2 can work with the interface of Clarity v13.1.
However after compare mspsetup.exe(v13.1) with mspsetup_32bit.exe(v13.2), I can see that filesize decreased from 34.8MB to 32.9MB. Maybe the only reason for changes is to support MSP 2013 but I would like to have proper information.

What do you think? is there any changelog file?

(CAClarityPPM_ProjectManagement_UserGuide_ENU.pdf v13.2)
How to Upgrade CA Clarity PPM Schedule Connect
Periodically look for CA Clarity PPM releases or patches. Accompanying release notes
advise you if a Microsoft Project Interface or Schedule Connect upgrade is
recommended or required.
In general, you are not required to upgrade Schedule Connect each time you upgrade
CA Clarity PPM. But if upgraded, the latest product enhancements and bug fixes display