CA Workflow to IT PAM migration???

Discussion created by jaalstead on Sep 26, 2013
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We are starting the process of migrating (a.k.a. rebuilding) all of our CA Workflow process definitions in IT PAM. We've completed Designer training and will be taking the Service Desk integrations training next week.

I realize there isn't a silver bullet migration utility to go from CA Workflow to PAM. However, I have a few questions that I'm hoping I can get some good direction from those of you that may have already done this.

First, let me give you a little background:

We have the following CA productsion: Service Desk r12.7, Service Catalog r12.6, Asset Portfolio Management r11.3.4, ITCM / DSM / Asset Intelligence r12.5, EEM r8.4.4 and now PAM r4.1.
Service Catalog is the only application that we use to fire off CA Workflow processes. However, it does interact with the other applications within the different workflows.
We currently have about 25 custom built workflows - 2 or 3 are pretty complex and the others are pretty straight forward. We did not use any of the out of the box workflows (except 1).
Our main CA Workflow developer is no longer with us, and the only exposure we have had with CA Workflow is from a support perspective. In otherwords, very little development.

Here are some questions we have:

Has anyone already gone through the migration effort from CA Workflow to PAM?

If so, would you be willing to provide me your contact information and have a phone conversation regarding your migration path?

Has anyone utilized CA services for this or has everyone done this on their own?

What are the some yoiur best practices to consider, tips and tricks for migration, or gotchas that we should avoid? (i.e. Naming conventions, design standards, development ideas, error handling suggestions, etc..)

Lastly, I realize this is a loaded question, but how much effort is there in migrating a single CA Workflow into IT PAM?

Thanks much!