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How to update the values of Object Roles

Question asked by stephen_floyd on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2013 by tanch10
Hi All

Was wondering if you can update the object roles or resource field values on the a lookup. We are using version 12.1.1 and I am looking at the idea process for approving using the nofitcations but when I click on the browse button to select a role or resource field I get defined ones from Clarity.

As part of our Idea functionality we have custom built fields and we want to be able to include these fields, when populated to be notified that an idea need their approval. I am having trouble looking for these so I can inculde a custom one.

I have include a screenshot of what I mean. As you can see list in this tab is Business Owner but I want to add our custom field IT Hub lead.

[img]H:\My Pictures\Object Roles.png