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Error i5 job: Joblog not found. Unable to retrieve non-severity return code

Question asked by SusSatriyoAdiSuryo4211615 on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by SusSatriyoAdiSuryo4211615
Hi all,

I have challenge to create AS400 job through CA WA DE. I was created a simple job with issue a DSPLIBL command. Once the job executed, the job was failed and shown the error status: "Joblog not found. Unable to retrieve non-severity return code". But if I saw in the i5 system, the job have been completed without any error. Then I open "Retrieve Spool File", the JOBLOG was already existed inside the Spool File. My questions are:
Why did CA WA catch the job was failed whereas the job actually have completed on AS400?
Why did CA WA said that the Joblog not found whereas the Joblog was existed in the spool file?

Please kindly to help my problem. I've attached the screen captures aswell.
Very appreciate on your advices