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Displaying Sub-object list in Crystal reports

Question asked by twhite23 on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2013 by Atul.Kunkulol
I recently have been teaching myself how to use crystal reports for the sake of being able to develop custom reports for my organization. I have had some success so far creating my first report, but I am running into one issue: The report does not display ALL of the data I want it to show.

I have an object called deliverables that is a sub-object to project. A single project can have zero or more deliverables. Presently, my report only returns a single deliverable regardless of how many deliverables the specified project actually has. How can I get the report to display the entire list of deliverables instead of only retuning one deliverable? I have provided the current output of the report as is. Any thoughts?