Parsing Response XML

Discussion created by Vish_iyer on Sep 27, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2013 by Tom_Kouhsari

I want to integrtae the CA Service desk manager with third party system using CA Process Automation Manager.
I am using SOAP Operator to fetch the incident detail from CA SD but not sure how to pass the complete response XML to one operator to other operator.
My workflow process is like that start->login CA SD->Get Incident Information->Create Ticket in third party->Finish.
In the first operator calling login service and passing the sid value to second operator for fetching the incident detail then after executing the second operator i get the response XML.
But not sure how to pass the complete response XML as a request XML for the third operator to create ticket in the system and if we need XML mapping related to data model of CA SD and other system then how will i achive this.

Can any one give me an idea.