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CA APM 9.5 Application Triage Map not showing

Question asked by KelvinBoey on Oct 2, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2013 by performance_guru

I have CA Introscope 9.5 agent installed at the following servers:

1. Web server
- MS Windows Server 2012
- Web services application running on doNet 4.5, IIS, and COM+
- Installed dotNet agent, Standalone agent for web server
- Amend web.config to trigger CA Introscope agent
- Added Introscope.agent.dotnet.monitorApplications=w3wp.exe, dllhost.exe in IntroscopeAgent.profile

2. Application server
- Solaris Unix
- WebSphere 8.0
- J2EE application
- Installed Java agent, Standalone agent for WebSphere for distributed env
- enabled WebSphere PMI

The Application Triage Map is not showing.

Any idea what is missing?