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Help with Policy use case for my scenario

Question asked by VelKongu on Oct 15, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2013 by Stephen_McQuiggan
Hi All,
Please guide with policy Realms, Rules and Policy config for my scenario. I have to protect resources and let me explain the scenario with examples. I have base context and I need to protect different resources inside this /dir folder differently.
I have four resources
4. .
I want these 4 resources to be protected in such a way like once authentication is done, the user should be able to access these resources. It is straight way approach.

Now apart from the above 4 resources inside the /dir folder , all other resources in the /dir folder should be protected in such way that policy should allow user to access resource based on "true" or "false" value of a user attribute. If the user attribute is "false" it should allow the user to access the requested resource. and all other users with the user attribute is "true", the user is redirected to " please guide me with how to configure this above mentioned scenario.

Vadivel P