Accessing the Clarity Cookbook on Your PC

Discussion created by John_George Employee on Oct 16, 2013
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Flipboard, unfortunately, is not very friendly to non-mobile device users. However, if you want or need to view the content of a Flipboard magazine without buying a new smart phone or installing special software (such as BlueStacks) that lets you run mobile apps on Windows PC or Mac, you can use an RSS feed. Articles will be delivered to your Outlook or RSS reader via RSS as soon as they're posted.

Using an RSS Feed

To add a Flipboard magazine to your RSS feed folder, simply add the feed URL of the magazine. For example, to add the CA Clarity PPM Cookbook, add the following URL:

Viewing Flipboard Content in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer

Go to the CA Technologies Information Services landing page on Flipboard:

Flipboard opens on your desktop browser with similar flipping effect that you see on the mobile app. So, you don't need a mobile device! :smile

Here is a direct link to the CA Clarity PPM Cookbook: