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CA DataMinder Video Tutorial - Data Lookup Published by Andrew Devine, Senior Support Engineer for DataMinder on Thursday 31 October 2013.

The video link below will take you to a video presentation demonstrating how to create a simple Information Boundary using Data Lookup commands with CA DataMinder r14.5.

Video Link

The scenario we have used is commonly seen in customer deployments.  We have users in one team ("Trading") who are not permitted to send e-mails to the users in another team ("Research").  In this demonstration we specifying an Outgoing Control trigger for the "Trading" team using a Data Lookup command that tells the endpoint processing the user policy to check the mail recipients parent folder in the DataMinder hierarchy and if it matches "Research" to fire the policy trigger.

The Data Lookup Command we use is

UserAttr WITH ANY %recipientalias% WHERE Wgn.GroupParent IS ANY {"Research"}

For more information on Policy please refer to CA DataMinder r14.5 Bookshelf which can be downloaded from the CA Support Portal .