Status change not triggering process

Discussion created by voliveira on Nov 2, 2013
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Hey folks,

In the implementation that I am currently working on the client don't want to use the stock Idea approval process. So we have created a customized process to approve the ideas in the system. The problem is that we still have those stock buttons on the form in which you click if you want to Send the Idea for Approval or to Approve the Idea.

If the user clicks on the Approve button the system will proceed with the default process and show the screen in which you can select what type of investment you want to convert the idea. After selecting the investment and submitting the form itself, the stock status of the Idea turns to "Converted" and the new investment is created. Aside from that, I have a customized process that should start whenever the stock status field changes, but I don't know why, the change in the stock status to "Converted" is not triggering my process. This is the normal behaviour? Is there anyway I can fix that?