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Automatically logout from PAM 4.1

Question asked by staja10 Employee on Nov 4, 2013
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When i am working with Process Autiomation module, sometimes i am automatically logout (i've lost my priviledges and some tabs are dissappear).

 Environment: Active Directory configured with EEM, working with Process Automation 4.1 and Service Desk Manager 12.7

              All users from AD are visible on Administration tab (Security and Role Management -> Contacts) managed from EEM level.
 EEM is configured to use many domains.
 This problem exist with all users working with PAM (i.e. PAM administrator rule)              
 No dependence after what time, working user lose his priviledges (rules). Sometimes this problem occure after logging to system, sometimes after few working hours with PAM.

Does anyone hear about this problem?