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Stock 'Idea Approval' process has errors

Question asked by matpj on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2013 by tanch10

Hi all,

We are using 12.1 at the moment and have PMO Accelerator 2 installed.

I am looking into the Demand Management functionality and noticed that when I submitted an idea for approval, nothing seemed to happen.

No action items were created. nothing which looked like something had been initiated.

On further investigation I saw there was an 'Idea Approval' process which was 'Not Validated', so therefore unavailable.

I went to validate it and after a rather lengthy period of time, the validate all and activate procedure returned several steps with the message: BPM-0664: The process contains cycle.

Has anybody else discovered this from the standard procedure?  What would I have to do to rectify this?

Does anybody have a working process they could send in a script of some sort for me to run in?


Thanks in advance,