Information on configuring PAM to utilize an ORACLE RAC

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Title:  Information on configuring PAM to utilize an ORACLE RAC


This document details how to configure PAM to run against an clustered Oracle RAC as the backend database.

The PAM installer will not recognize an Oracle RAC during installation. PAM will have to be installed against a single Oracle then the configuration files modified to point to the RAC.


The first step is to complete the Oracle table space creation as outlined by the Installation Guide, then complete the CA Process Automation install pointing directly to one of the Oracle servers in the RAC.

Start PAM up and verify that it is functional.

Once functionality has been verified against an individual Oracle Server, Stop CA Process Automation Service, and modified

Then modify <install_dir>\server\c2o\.config\ as follows:

*.dbname=<Service Name>
*.dbhostname=<Oracle RAC>

Please note there are similar entries for the runtime, library, and reporting databases that will have to be updated as follows:

For example for the runtime database:

oasis.runtime.database.dbname=<Service Name>
oasis.runtime.database.dbhostname=<Oracle RAC>

Once all 3 Process Automation databases have been updated Save the modified OasisConfig file and Start the Process Automation Orchestrator service.


Click here to access the tech doc directly: TEC599675 Information on configuring PAM to utilize an ORACLE RAC