CA Tuesday Tip: (CA 11) Issuing CA 11 Online Commands in Batch

Discussion created by whial01 Employee on Nov 12, 2013

CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers Tuesday Tip by Alisa Puckett, Sr. Support Engineer for Nov 12 ,2013

CA 11 online commands can be issued in batch using the U11OBD online
batch driver. 

The JCL required to execute the Online Batch Driver program is as follows:

//STEPNAME    EXEC   PGM=U11OBD[,PARM='profile']
//CA11HELP     DD      DSN=CA11.help.dsn,DISP=(SHR,PASS)
//RMSRPT        DD      SYSOUT=A
//SYSIN             DD      *
online commands

 The profile can be supplied through the PARM (PROFILE=pppppppp) or the first
 online command supplied by SYSIN (pppppppp).

A sample member to run U11OBD can be found in the CAL7SAMP member AL7JOBD.