XOG task dependencies without task has not TaskID

Discussion created by DaniPerez on Nov 12, 2013
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Some projects have tasks with and others without "taskID"; called ID in task object and field PREXTERNALID in PRTASK table.

And  I am seeing that after XOGout a project,  XML contains those dependencies between tasks with TaskID but there is not information about dependencies between those tasks without taskID.

example of dependencies tags:

<Task  internalTaskID="******" key="false" lockedForScheduling="false" milestone="false" name="task2" nextSiblingOf="T01983"
          openForTimeEntry="true" orderID="2" outlineLevel="1" percComp="0"  status="0" summary="false" taskID="T01985"....>....


        <Dependency lag="0" lag-type="days" predProjectID="proj1" predTaskID="T01983" succProjectID="proj1" succTaskID="T01985" type="finish-start"/>
        <Dependency lag="0" lag-type="days" predProjectID="proj1" predTaskID="T01985" succProjectID="proj1" succTaskID="T01987" type="finish-start"/>

So, if I Xog-IN the previous extracted xml file  as a new project or over a void project, I will lose dependencies between some tasks .


Furthermore, "ID" is not a mandatory field; though it can be autonumeric(but it only affect to new tasks from Clarity web), in fact tasks created from MSP doesn't contains value for this attribute. So I understand that dependencies should be managed by the field "PRTASK.PRID" which is internal, mandatory and unique.

How can I xog-out a project with all the task dependencies?

Is it possible to xog-out a project with task dependencies based in "PRID"?

How recommendable is to configure  "ID" as an autonumeric? I am aware of problems using this field as unique when you copy/paste task in MSP or in Clarity with copy from template ;if you copy a task more than once.