Notification variable list?

Discussion created by BradGibson on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by DaniPerez

Is there a reference somewhere of what variables can be used in a notification?

I can see inside the notification definitions  that you can add variables, like this

This action item assigned to you has been deleted:

Action Item: $[Action Items.subject]
Investment: $[Action Items.object_name]
Deleted On: $[Action Items.last_updated_date]

I want to modify some notifications, but I don't know what all those variable names are.

I have an action item that gets generated by ideas... I want to include the idea ID... for projects it's $[Projects.unique_code], is there something like that for ideas? Or Investments in general?

Is there a full list of what variables can be referenced for what objects?