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Portfolio Migration (CA Clarity PPM 13.2 or newer)

Question asked by CA-TECH-INFO-DAMON Employee on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2014 by Stephane_FR

(1) Interesting situation. The portfolios are redesigned in v13.2 and newer versions. Is there an upgrade/migration path? The previous portfolio data is still in v13.2, but you cannot view it with OOTB tools. If you upgrade you don't have the old GUI anymore. If you want to model your new v13.2 portfolios based on the old portfolios in the previous version you've got to do something. What is a best practice for migration?

  (a) One solution is to have both the old system and the new system accessible at the same time. That means you will first upgrade to DEV or TEST and would then need a method to transfer the portfolios to PROD. Something like XOG.

  (b) If you can't have two versions you would need your model documented (if you want continue from where you were). XOGing the struture out into an XML tool would be quick way of doing that.

(2) Another interesting question: If the old version portfolio data is in v13.2 can you XOG that out?

(3) You can create portlets to display the old version portfolio data in v13.2. Can you XOG in more of the old data if you wanted live comparisons of the two portfolio model versions?


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