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Clarity MSP 2010 issue

Question asked by ppm_learner Employee on Nov 18, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by JonasL

Hi Guys,

I am facing an issue while opening clarity project in MSP 2010. Finish date of project is getting changed  and Task mode is getting disabled as well .
 I am using MSP 2010 and clarity 13.1 Version .
When I open clarity Project in MSP , task mode is getting disabled so I can't change task mode to manually schedule as well .
I have configured MSP and Clarity according to green book and Integration guide. And tried most of the configuration settings mentioned in community .
I tried to change Fixed Duration = True , Must Start On and Must Finish on constraints as well in clarity side but no luck .
Does anyone have idea about this issue , please help .