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REVMGR-20187:Resource code is not valid.

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by Alex_Feldstein

Hello all.

Been very busy last few months so I have been absent from the board.

We are still in Clarity v.12.05 which is working fine but today I found an unexpected error which does not make sense.

We have to reinstate a resource, a contractor that left a few months ago and now s back. Reactivated his record and all is well. Then we go to the Rate Matrix to add a new entry with the new biling rate. His old entry is still there with start an end times from way back. We find the user id (the account is now active) and type a rate and range of dates. When pressing SAVE we get this error:

REVMGR-20187:Resource code is not valid.

We checked the ids match, there is no mispalling and no spaces. We filled the resource code using the lookup, not typing it. This means it is fiud by the system as the account is there.

I searched the board for this exact error message with 0 results returned.

Any ideas?