Help us improve agent testing

Discussion created by pkazmir Employee on Nov 19, 2013

Hi, folks,

The Agents QA team would like your help. We would very much like some information about how you test, configure, and use agents in your orgainzation so that we can look for opportunities to improve our own test suite. Two things that would especially help include:

  •   Test plans and test cases from your own agent test suite
  •   Information about your agent configuration and environment. Things like your agentparm.txt files, network topology, use of network file systems or SANs, firewalls, and so on.

Of course any information you could share with us would be kept completely confidential.

If you might be willing to share this with our QA team, please contact me directly. My email address is

Thanks for your help!

Peter Kazmir
Principal Product Manager
CA Workload Automation Agents