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How do I define properties on the TestRunner command-line?

Question asked by stoja10 Employee on Nov 21, 2013
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I want to define a property on the TestRunner.exe command-line.  If I can do this...

  • I'll be able to execute a Subprocess that takes input parameters without writing a test to wrap it.  I can specify the input parameters on the command-line when I run the test.
  • I'll be able to override individual config properties for a particular test run.  (I learned in training that properties defined on the command-line cannot be changed).

However, this does not work:

    TestRunner.exe -Dproperty=value -a -t <testFile> -config <configFile> --stagingDoc <stagingDocFile>

It says:  unknown option '-Dproperty=value'

How do I define properties on the command-line?  If I can't, any suggestions on how I can accomplish the 2 bullets above?

Thanks, Jake