Distribution of Membership in SET relationship

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Dec 3, 2013

On LinkedIn there is a Q&A about distribution of MEMBER records for OWNER records discussion was started by "George Alexandre Fadul, MBA Sr. Consultant, Pré-Sales da empresa CA Technologies" and started off:

In my opinion, the most difficult task for convert Chained Set to User-Owned Indexed Set is calculate exactly how many blocks the indexed set must contain.

David Matthews DBA at DHL then offered a Culprit and some sample output with the comment: oh, hang on, we can do better ............ end-objective:

Range Members % 
<   1  3,878   5% 
<  10 68,044  86% 
<  25  4,102   5% 
<  50  1,444   2% 
< 100    669   1% 
> 100    857   1% 
TOTAL 78,994 100%

The Culprit however got a bit "mangled" - you could not <cut>+<paste> into an editor on the mainframe and successfully run it - so the Culprit has been "repaired" and is attached to this post. I hope that this is useful to anybody who may be interested in determining Owner:Member distribution of number of members in a named SET - the output is sweet - works exactly as advertised - with a "Hatlo hat tip" to thank David for his code ...

Cheers - GaryC