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Error : New Orchestrator Certificate Password

Question asked by Rafael Cardoso on Dec 6, 2013


I've found an error during a installation of a new orchestrator.

To clear up:

When you install for the first time the PAM, it will create a certificate with a password you provide. From documentation, they dont make any reference for special chars but there's a issue when your password have one.

By default, a installation provides a orchestrator. If you want to install another, you need to follow Configuration > Installation > Install Orchestrator.One step of the wizard is to fulfil the certificate password. HERE IS THE PROBLEM. If your password have special chars, you need to follow the next steps.

Lets assume the password we have set following certificate password: "benfica123%#7".

When are at this point, you could enter the right password 12309 times but the result is always the same: "The password you entered does not match.."


This is due a serverlet enconding problem. From wireshark, we could figure out easily the problem:

As you could notice, the wizard only have assume the benfica% instead of benfica123%#7.

The workaround/solution here is to replace the # for %23.

You can get the right codes here:

If you replace the value by according the table, the password now matches to the same password set before on certificate.



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