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Discussion created by Thilak.Kesavan on Dec 13, 2013
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Hi All

Please share your knowledge on the below questions on capa and regarding upgrade

1. will the upgradation of the clarity app from 12.1 to 13.2 impact CAPA link and contents of capa? if so how

2. Please correct me, is the below understanding is correct

for my knowledge CAPA is a seperate app where we do the capa developer  install and inside the CAPA folder, we will have the capa contents, we just map the capa folder link to clarity to access the content details

3. i have a CAPA server, where i have clarity 12.1 capa content which is linked to the prod and test environment

Now test environment is going to be upgraded to 13.2 from 12.1 v and capa content will also be changed, during this time i need users to access 12.1 capa content  from  prod 12.1version

can i copy the content of the 12.1 capa and keep it in a seperate folder eg:12.1 capa and can map the folder path to clarity capa link for prod 12.1v ?

and can i have an another folder called 13.2 capa in the same CAPA SERVER and can get mapped to clarity test 13.2 environment application ?

Please suggest