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Clarity Security behind the scenes

Question asked by k.durshanapally on Dec 19, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2013 by k.durshanapally

I am trying to find out how actually the clarity security works. Here are few questions i have in my mind for which i didnt get any answers in the documents, so thought of asking few here:

1. When a user first logins into clarity, how the system checks his security thing?

2.  Does it checks his security for every page he navigates like for project list page, idea list page, etc?

3. Will the application caches the user security once he logins in to the application in the system or user caches, instead of checking his security every time on the database side?

4. How it  check the security for a user on the database side before it displays what the user must see in a particular page?

5. What tables in the database holds this security information?

6. Will there be separate tables for isntance, OBS & global rights? Which table it checks for these rights?


So can anyone please give a broder idea of how the security works when a user logs in and navigates through the UI? What happens on the application server side and what happens on the database side?


sorry for too many questions, just finding out how this thing exactly works.