.docx seen as .zip on version 12.1.3x

Discussion created by Mayank.Joshi on Dec 20, 2013
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Hi all,

I guess this is a Apache Tomcat (version 6.0.26) issue, if not a Clarity version 12.1.3 issue.

May I get your comments on the following issue please?

In the organization, the IE and MS Office versions are same across the board, including the registry entries.

Despite that, couple of users' PC, when logon to Clarity version 12.1.3 and try to view the documents (.docx, .xlsx or .pptx), they appear as .zip file, hence this documents are not viewable.

However, from the same users' PC, if they logon to Clarity version, the .docx file open fine. From these PCs, when open .docx from other websites, they are fine too.

The users from other PCs are all fine to view the .docx of version 12 and 13 both.

I don't understand why the couple of PCs and some of the documents only have this issue on version 12.1.3.

I have ensured that the web.xml on apache-tomcat\conf folder has the following MIME types defined.


Should you require more information, please ask.

If I need to set the debug, what category I should set it to get more information?

Please advise.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Mayank Joshi