Capacity vs Demand By Role Report

Discussion created by lisa_kollin on Dec 30, 2013
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Some of our managers are running both the Capacity vs Demand by Resources & by Role reports to see the Assigned Demand vs Capacity.  Since our Clarity roles = business teams, they do this to see the values by person & by team.

Because our roles represent teams, we feel that if we run the Cap vs Demand by Resource report using a parameter of the team Resource Role...and/or run the Cap vs Demand by Role report also using that same Resource Role parameter (and do not check the box to include unstaffed roles) that the total Demand per month would be the same on the 2 reports.

We are finding that the Demand values by month in the Capacity vs Demand by Role report are lower than expected.  Unfortunately, this report does not provide any drill down as to which investments are being included.  We have tried matching the demand numbers to the Resource Planning portlets, but are still not getting a match.  (FYI - We can match the By Resource report results.)

Has anyone else found their demand numbers for the Capacity vs Demand by Role report do not match what you expected or see elsewhere in the tool?