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Rate Matrix, Employment Type

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2014 by marlon

Wondering what the current thinking is regarding lack of Employment Type in the Rate Matrix. In our environment, we have Employment Types of Employee, Student, Temp, Contractor, Offshore...  each can have a very different cost, regardless of their role.

As the rate matrix does not include a column for Employee Type, wondering if other Clarity customers have the same issue and how its being handled.

Our past our thoughts have been:

1- Student could be a separate role, just Role = Student.  This gets a bit messy when extending into contractors and offshore, as now we'd need things like "Engineer-Software-Contractor" and "Engineer-Software-Offshore," effectively multiplying the number of roles needed and defeating parts of our role availability/demand analysis. 

2- If contractors, off-shore, cost less, than roll their costs (weighted) into the standard rates.  IMO, we shouldn’t have a financial incentive for staffing projects with contractors.  The company may desire to reduce costs, but the project manager should not feel pressured to use contractors, possibly at the expensive of project throughput.

3- Alternatively, don’t use the rate matrix for contractors or offshore (offshore is a form of contractor), except for planning purpose only – use the invoices sent from for their service company as the source for their actual transactions. 

4-Lastly, go to CA and ask that Employee Type be added to the Rate Matrix.

We've been using a mixture of 2 and 3.

Input Type Code isn't being used, today, in our  company.  Guess we could create lookup values there that are equal to our Employee Types - but this would be redundant with Employee Type field and perhaps keep us from using this field later for its proper intended purpose.  If we aren't using the field today, perhaps we shouldn't worry about its proper, intended purpose until we need to, if ever.

Looking forward to your responses - Thanks!