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Allocations sitting in prj_blb_slices for Inactive projects?

Question asked by Pankaj_Navlekar on Jan 28, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2015 by urmas

HI there,

I have noticed a situation where the Resource Workloads shows an Allocation greater than 100%, say 110%, for a resource but when you click on that number and go into the Detail it sums up to only 100%. Even if I click "Show All" on the Detail Tab, it doesn't show any detailed allocations summing up to more than 100%. The only way out then is to run a query like the below and find the culprits and wipe out the Allocations for that resource on such projects. My question is this

- Don't the allocations get wiped out from prj_blb_slices as soon as you de-activate a project? I have seen it is not consistent, they do in some cases and don't in others? what's the expected Clarity behaviour, does anybody know? Here's my query, it's pretty straight-forward

prj_blb_slices_m_alc a,
prteam b,
srm_resources c
where a.prj_object_id = b.prid
and a.investment_id = b.prprojectid
and a.resource_id = b.PRRESOURCEID
and =a.resource_id
and c.unique_name ='abcd'
and slice>0 and slice_date between '1-Jan-2014'and '31-Jan-2014'
and (select is_active from inv_investments d where = a.investment_id) =0